Sea moss gel

Sea moss gel

This Sea moss gel are Dr. Sebi approved! You can put it on your face as a mask and it will tighten loose skin and prevent wrinkles . It also is good to reduce acne or any dark spots or blemishes. You can also eat it ! Taking one tablespoon per day per day can asssist with loosing weight , helps regulate your thyroid ,  helps maintain your cholesterol and blood pressure, helps your digestive system, it is antiviral which means it will build your immune system because it fights off any bacteria and viruses , it also is known to help prevent cancer due to be an anti-cancerous, it supports vaginal health and helps regulate your pH balance, it helpsheal stomach ulcers, it helps regulate  blood sugar if you have diabetes, it helps with hangovers, and helps increase libido, and fertilty.

  • Ingredients

    Sea moss, spring water


    No refunds. If the product is damaged during transit a replacement will be sent .

  • Sizing

    Small-4 oz jar

    Medium- 8 oz jar

    Large- 12 oz jar